Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Haotai technology was founded in 1999 and established in 2003. For more than ten years, the company has been focusing on the R & D and implementation of ERP software in aluminum profile related industries...


Our advantage

More than 10 years of technology precipitation, helping aluminum companies build an online, intelligent business management system, making business management easier!

01.Professional technical team

The development team of over 30 people, a number of strength aluminum executives joined the development consulting team, with a number of patented technology and national certification

02.Focus on the aluminum industry

ERP software development and implementation focusing on aluminum profile related industries for more than 10 years

04.Service maximization

Professional one-on-one service, quick response to solve customer incurable diseases, provide product training

03.Product advancement

The advanced technical means in the industry are combined with advanced management concepts, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

Haotai Values

Building a bridge of communication with customers with technology and attitude

Pay attention to the solution

The key to the design of the solution is to find a highly experienced production management executive in the industry, and have many years of first-line production management experience.

Pay attention to talent

Familiar with the production process of the aluminum industry, understand the software, and understand the management, the ERP software designed by these talents knows the needs of the industry.

Emphasis on implementation

Any ERP project implementation consultant interspersed from beginning to end, becoming the bridge between enterprise management and software products.

Customer responsibility

Be patient and listen to the needs of customers, maintain good relationships with customers, and have a good sense of service.      


20 years of brand accumulation

Has a number of national patent certificates, master the core technology

The common choice of 200+ aluminum companies

All the way to witness, witness together, Haotai thanks you

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Provide aluminum profile ERP solutio

Empowering enterprise transformation, enhancing core competitiveness

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