Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Haotai technology was founded in 1999 and established in 2003. For more than ten years, the company has been focusing on the R & D and implementation of ERP software in aluminum profile related industries, providing a comprehensive enterprise management plan for the enterprises with specialization, personalization and service. It is a software innovative enterprise integrating "research, design, development, sales and service".

Haotai technology is a software enterprise that builds it information system for small and medium-sized enterprises according to the idea of customization according to customer needs. Relying on the rich experience of software development and enterprise management, we can analyze the real and comprehensive needs with enterprise users, do a good job in system analysis, carry out project implementation, and win the market with good and thoughtful service. The developed software has the characteristics of good stability, easy operation, flexible setting and scalability, which can fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for information management.

Haotai technology has a group of high-quality industry elites, and has established a complete operation system from management consulting, scheme design, project implementation, user training and after-sales service. Haotai attaches great importance to various practical problems encountered by enterprises in the process of transformation to informatization. With professional technical knowledge, rich management experience and successful experience of many cases, Haotai helps customers to formulate feasible solutions, ensure that enterprises gradually upgrade and transform traditional industries by using it system, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable operation of enterprises. Haotai technology provides comprehensive IT solutions for aluminum profile related industries, whether it is ERP management system of aluminum material factory, aluminum material factory, spraying Factory, mold factory, aluminum door and window factory, we have many classic successful cases, such as Guangdong Xinhe (Luocun Xinhe, yaoyinshan, Xinxing Xinhe), Guangdong Weiye (Dali Weiye, Jiangsu Weiye), Jiangsu Huachang , Guangya, Guangcheng, Dongguan Donglian aluminum, Runhua aluminum, Hunan Zhensheng aluminum, Haida aluminum, Yingge aluminum, Jiangxi jinxinfa, Nanya aluminum, Jinpeng aluminum, etc.

Haotai, with the guidance of customer demand and advanced enterprise management thought, continuously improves service quality, creates good commercial and social value, and becomes a trustworthy enterprise in the information field.
Once a lot of people painfully handwritten documents every day, and finally people can't understand, we think hard!
Once a lot of people daily trivial inventory of materials, and finally there are many loopholes, we think for a long time!
Once a lot of people worry about the monthly summary of the data, and finally or not on the account, we fell into meditation!
Once a lot of people anxiety every day hard work, management or unsatisfactory, we germinate a dream!
"One day we will let you turn these complicated and tedious work into a piece of cake!"

Today our customers:
You can print all kinds of standard documents with the click of the mouse
A variety of complex data reports can be made with just a click of the mouse
Just a click of the mouse can quickly complete the workload of several days
With the click of a mouse, the company's management can become orderly
The customer laughed, smiling sweetly
We also smile, because our dream is becoming reality step by step
We will continue to work hard, continue to develop, so that more people can work easily and happily every day
Sometimes in the face of heavy rain or scorching sun, Haotai people still run between customers
Sometimes it's late at night and our engineers are still working hard to write programs
When we see customer satisfaction smile, all the hard work and sweat away from us