Dali Aluminum Association recommends the use of "Aluminum Industry Experts" 10.0ERP



Foshan Nanhai Aluminum Profile Industry Association: Su Tianjie (Secretary-General of the Association)

Under the new situation, the aluminium profile industry will face enormous challenges due to the constant changes of domestic and foreign markets, the increasingly high cost and the insufficiency of demand. It is imperative for enterprises to take the road of refined operation and management. Haotai's "Expert ERP of Aluminum Industry" has been providing a set of effective intelligent and refined management solutions for enterprises. Over the years, Haotai has been adapting to the general trend of industry transformation and upgrading and the needs of enterprise management, constantly innovating and launching a more grounded version. It is understood that this year's "aluminum expert ERP" V10.0 launched by Hao Tai is more innovative and breakthroughs. The solution brings together the cream of meticulous management of many leading enterprises in the industry, and it is worth promoting and widely applying in the industry, so as to inject new impetus to fine management, intelligent management and industry transformation and upgrading.