South Asia Qing Lingbin's understanding of "Aluminum Industry Experts"



In today's society of huge information flow, who can grasp the information accurately and in a timely manner, who can grasp the future. South Asia Aluminum has deployed the experts of Haotai Aluminum to complete the complete control from mold to finished product. "Aluminum Industry Experts" has a strong 6-best decision, so that each piece of data becomes the basis for management decisions. Review the situation, gain insights, make the process flawless, and make the results more perfect.

1. Complete delivery period control mechanism, from the formulation of the delivery period to the audit, analysis to the completion of the PDCA management cycle

2, the perfect mold operation system, from the ordering of the mold to the return of the machine back to the library, the whole process of the control, complete the company's management system in the system, dragging all the work, random trials, models. Kill in the cradle to achieve regulatory integration.


3. Automated production management and control system with self-learning function, and redundant material management mechanism, feeding and automatic expediting, automatically analyzing the scheduling information into a raw mold feeding information table. Strong responsibility traceability.

4. There is a production flow subsystem with push capability, so that each process knows the material to be produced next.

5, Powerful report self-built system, meet, generate, financial requirements for data, can automatically produce daily reports.


6, A powerful mobile APP can be fully connected to the local system, whether you are a salesman or a boss, no matter where you are, as long as there is a network and can know the factory situation, process approval, financial approval in real time.