Implementation case--Guangdong Tianma Aluminum Co., Ltd.



First, the company profile:

Guangdong Tianma Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. (new factory), No. 10, Science and Technology West Road, Songxia Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan City.

The company's business scope: professional production and processing of aluminum and aluminum alloy products, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Second, the scope of implementation:

The online module of ERP project of "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0" of Guangdong Tianma Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has:

Third, the project implementation process:

This time, Tianma Aluminum's "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0" ERP project began from 2019-01 to 2019-03 (during the Spring Festival holiday period). Under the strong support and care of the leaders of both parties, and the efforts of the Tianma Aluminum ERP project team and the Haotai company technicians, they completed the project start-up, basic data preparation, implementation plan, system software installation and field research. , system training, system online, acceptance problem processing and other phased tasks, each phase of tasks and unexpected affairs are processed on time.

Fourth, problems before the implementation of the project

1. Before the system is switched, the customer is using an old system, which is inevitably dependent on the system after many years of use by the operator.

2. After the machine squad leader registers the extrusion output data, there are still some manual documents mixed with the computer system.

3. Due to the mixed use of manual account and system account, the finished product warehouse can not provide accurate inventory information, and because some modules of the old system are not used properly, the detailed reports generated by the system fail to provide effective data support for the senior management for decision.

4. The old system does not strictly control the production data process, and the data is not closely linked. In order to obtain accurate data (such as production schedule, total order progress, extrusion progress, etc.), it is still necessary to understand the personnel of each workshop department .

V. Project implementation results

Thanks to the excellent professional skills, business capabilities and customer efforts, the entire project was promoted normally, and the switch between the old and new systems in the factory was successfully completed, so that the data between the links was closely related and data sharing was realized. After all the data is queried, all production processes are controlled, which greatly improves the production efficiency of customers and saves the production cost of customers.

Contribution of "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0":

1. The system's , , and other modules, users can get real-time and accurate data in these modules, without having to go to various departments to get data , greatly improving the efficiency of work.

2. The new module, after setting the production date, extrusion machine, and shift, the system can automatically arrange production, effectively reducing the workload of the scheduling staff, and greatly improving the scheduling efficiency. Indirectly improves the production efficiency of the extrusion shop. Through the "production statistics" and "category statistics" functions, the scheduling staff can better distribute orders to each machine for production, avoiding the problems caused by the unevenness of the machine squad leader caused by uneven production scheduling; "The same type of orders are uniformly scheduled, which greatly reduces the production cost; the use of "same order scheduling" avoids the occurrence of missing orders.

3. The simplification of the operation mode brought by the new system makes the user use the main production management module of the system well, the timely and accurate finished product inventory and the timely data entry of the production related modules, thus bringing real-time and accurate detailed reports. , established a data foundation for high-level decision-making.

4. The system brings strict process control, “this process does not make bills, the next process can not do single”, effectively control the problem of disorderly circulation of production accompanying cards, and effectively supervise the normative operation of operators' process operations. Timeliness.

Sixth, the implementation summary:

The implementation of this time is generally smooth, the customer is supportive of us, and the factory manager is also relatively cooperative. In the process of use, in addition to the initial period, due to the resistance to the new system, the use of the conflict is in use. It also disappeared after a while. Thanks to the efforts of the customers and our implementation staff, the project was successfully accepted.

Executive: Du Manager

Date: 2019-07-08