Implementation case--Jiangxi Chuanqiang New Material Co., Ltd.




Jiangxi Chuanqiang New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2017-06-02 in Anyi County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and is located at Hongshan Avenue, Industrial Park, Anyi County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

The company's business scope is: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, doors and windows, glass, hardware accessories, construction materials production, sales (projects subject to approval according to law, after the approval of relevant departments can carry out business activities). The company has strict monitoring of quality.

Project implementation process:

Mainly used modules:

Overall process:

The project of “Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0” of Chuanqiang Aluminum Industry started from 2019-03-20 and was accepted by the project of 2019-04-27. With the support of the customer and the efforts of the implementation engineers and software engineers of Haotai Company, the basic data preparation, confirmation implementation plan, operator training, system step-by-step, field research, problem collection and problem solving were completed. Waiting for the task, completed the entire project promotion and acceptance.

Problems before implementation:

1. Some operators have used other systems before entering the Sichuan Aluminum Industry. The accumulated operating habits will inevitably conflict with the use of our Aluminum Expert 10.0.

2. Before the system is used, the customer uses the manual order, and the documents in each process will inevitably be lost or destroyed, resulting in data confusion.

3. The production workshop is difficult to view the drawings, and it is inconvenient.

4. Because of the manual order, the arranger often goes to the workshop, and the scheduling order is slow and not timely, thus affecting the mold room and the extrusion workshop.

5. The customer's material warehouse management is confusing before going to the system.

Project implementation results:

Under the support of our company's professional skills, business capabilities and customers, the project was successfully implemented, allowing customers to obtain real-time and accurate data, allowing customers to get more control over the production process, and data acquisition is more convenient. Fast, the productivity of each workshop is significantly improved.

Contribution of "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0":

1. One of the core functions of "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0": One Card. Allowing customers to get more control over the accuracy of the data, making the order extremely convenient, completely abandoning the traditional manual order, liberating the staff of various workshops and departments from the cumbersome manual orders, and having more time to process Other things.

2. After the "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0", the scheduler used the <Extrusion Discharge> module to reduce the workload of the arranger, greatly improving the efficiency of the production, and indirectly improving the extrusion workshop. Productivity. Through the "production statistics" and "category statistics" functions, the scheduling staff can distribute the orders to each machine for production, avoiding the problems caused by the unevenness of the machine squad leader caused by uneven production scheduling; "Production" unified order production of the same model, greatly reducing production costs; with "same order scheduling" to avoid the occurrence of missing orders.

3. Use the <Order Status Table>, <Sales Order Summary>, <Order Status Table> and other modules to solve the problem that customers are difficult to check the progress of orders, and get accurate, real-time data in these modules. Expensive chapters to get data in various departments, greatly improving efficiency

4. When using manual orders, it is very difficult to adjust the order. Our “Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0” perfectly solves this problem, making the ordering more convenient and convenient, and the efficiency is improved significantly.

5. After the system is put up, the material inventory is in order, and the purchase of materials by each unit is also orderly and will not be messed up.

Implementation summary:

In this implementation, since the administrator is the chief financial officer, the power is very heavy, and many things can be decided directly, so overall it is very smooth. In this implementation, the project was successfully completed with the efforts of the customers, the implementation engineers and software engineers of our company.

Executive: Du Manager

Date: 2019-07-08