Foshan Nanhai Jiaying Mould Co., Ltd. successfully accepted mold experts



Customer introduction

Foshan Nanhai Jiaying Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Xianzigang, Songgang, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the customer-oriented, “quality in place, first-class service” operation. The concept provides quality service to our customers.

At present, Shanhai Nanhai Jiaying Mould Co., Ltd. can use the mold expert system to check the order status in real time and understand the order progress in the first time. Reducing the data recorded by excel, all the cases can be reflected in the system, and the data security is also guaranteed, achieving data integration, business process standardization, information sharing and other implementation goals. The project implementation effect is as follows:

Material management

First, before the system goes online, the material warehouse can be manually arbitrarily checked. When checking the inventory, it is very cumbersome. After the system is online, you can check the real-time situation directly on the system according to the system flow. It is also convenient to adjust and count the inventory data. By viewing the report summary information, you can get real-time information on the materials in the factory.

Mold production management

After the first and the mold are placed, the automatic scheduling can be arranged according to the time of drawing, and the production order is printed once a day to the workshop, which greatly saves the operation time of the personnel and improves the working efficiency.

Second, the mold management module to make a single, easy to query, each report can clearly reflect the current data.

Third, all the information can be more clearly reflected in the system, avoiding the inconvenience caused by the query when using Excel to record data.

Fourth, the data information is stored in the corresponding detailed report, there will be no data loss problem, and the problem of the previous manual single loss is solved.

Project Tracking:

The acceptance of the project is only a phased summary, and it is the affirmation of the work results of the project personnel of both parties. The acceptance of the project does not mean the end of the cooperation between the two parties, but marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation between the two parties. After the project is accepted, the technicians and implementers of Haotai Technology will continue to be responsible for future support and maintenance according to the contract.

Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.
December 21, 2018