Zhedong "Aluminum Industry Expert"



Founded in 2002, Shanghai Zhedong Aluminum Co., Ltd. is involved in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of aluminum profiles, covering aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. Relying on the strong strength of the Group, after 14 years of hard work, Zhedong Aluminum has become an integrated service provider of aluminum profiles with advanced equipment, excellent quality and scientific and environmental protection in East China.

Committed to continuous research and development investment in high-end products in aluminum profiles, combined with advanced information management, to provide customers with system solutions and high-quality aluminum products.

Shanghai Zhedong Aluminum Co., Ltd. relies on Haotai Technology's “Aluminum Industry Experts” to comprehensively open up the information blocking of all links in the enterprise, which effectively enhances the competitiveness of enterprises.

1. The performance integration of PC management and mold MC management, through the planned scheduling between extrusion and mold and the pre-treatment of mold feeding, to improve the billet exchange rate.

2. For the simple operation, provide the software acceptance ability of the staff, the system adopts comprehensive barcode control, from the production accompanying card to the warehouse management certificate, the whole process sweeps the card operation, realizes the perfect integration of mobile devices such as PDA and scanner, thus greatly Employees work efficiency and reduce the difficulty of material control management.

3, process difference schedule, full process production difference control, can achieve a card recovery process tracking, the process control and quality control has a crucial essence of a card.

4, cloud layout, product anti-counterfeiting. When your product becomes a brand-name product, are you worried about being victimized by the cottage? Product anti-counterfeiting is an urgent task.

5, order product cost accounting, identify the aluminum industry experts. In today's increasingly fiercely competitive environment, under the premise of ensuring product quality, it can effectively control the cost of the product. It is equal to having a weapon that possesses the market, and abandoning the cost accounting concept that anyone can tell you, the real aluminum industry product solution. It needs to be supported by years of management experience in the aluminum industry for many years. It can independently calculate the production cost of each product of an order, and has a high guiding value for the competitive market and accurate profit.

6, the report is the soul of ERP, aluminum industry experts provide more than 100 professional reports, providing strong data support for all dynamic and decision-making of the enterprise.