Jiangsu Huachang uses Haotai "Aluminum Industry Expert" version 9.5



First, ERP conversion background

1. The rapid development of the company in recent years, the scale of operation continues to expand, the management model and business strategy need to be improved, the sales orders are gradually increasing, the customer demand is diversified, and the product variety is increased. The original ERP system can not meet the company. In this context, the company's leaders are forward-looking and fundamentally improve the internal management mechanism of the company to adapt to the increasingly competitive internal and external environment. Therefore, the company has carefully planned the selection and research of ERP system, carefully arranged the analysis of the implementation of ERP at home and abroad, and referenced the research and application of the ERP use by the brother company (Weiye). Decided to re-replace the original ERP system in the original basic data and choose ERP software by Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd. "Aluminum Industry Expert".

2. ERP project research

The company's ERP project team discussed with Haotai's implementation project team several times. Everyone agreed that the implementation of the new ERP system is a process of re-improving business processes, standardizing business operations and production, and ultimately realizing the use of information technology to manage business operations. purpose. Therefore, how to plan the project, how to reengineer the process, how to determine the scope of implementation, and how to implement the implementation steps must be based on the actual situation of the company, fully consider its various resources and conditions, and have plans, goals, steps, and priorities. Going on. The finalization of the implementation principle is based on the actual implementation of the enterprise, first solidification, and re-optimization implementation strategy.

During the research project, it was found that the operation process of the company's post-production oxidation oxidation process was extremely irregular, and the oxidation control calculation was operated by the controller's experience. The scrapping rate and rework rate of the oxidized finished product reached 10%. After the racking, the underworkers did not pass the on-site inspection by the quality inspector, and the under-worker directly determined the scrapping treatment. (After successful online, the scrap rate is less than 5%, saving more than 100,000 per month.) In the old system, the data can be changed at any time. In the case of ordering, there is no data source, only the note difference is easy to appear. In the above situation, the company leaders led the relevant departments and the Haotai implementers to visit the brother factory (Xinyi Weiye) on the 23rd of December, and conducted on-the-spot investigation and research, focusing on the company's oxidation process, scrapping, rework materials, The operation of ordering and warehousing is carried out. The oxidation process of the brother factory is based on the number of materials, the receipt of materials by the number of shelves, and the special placement of the shelves; and the leaders of the brother factory and the related personnel who have encountered the problems of the new ERP. A solution. After that, the company's project team and Haotai project team repeatedly tested and operated to re-regulate the new ERP system oxidation process and required the oxidized underworker to arbitrarily decide to handle the treatment before the quality inspection personnel had passed the inspection. .

"Extrusion Production" each machine is produced according to the extrusion guide data, and prints out the production accompanying card. At the same time, the information required to record the document on the mold is recorded by the quality inspection. The old system is not tightly designed and squeezed. Press the production completion document to modify the frame number, modify the weight, and delete the data. (Extrusion squad leader, quality inspector) Now the new system process is clear, pay attention to management details, and not let the workers change the data casually. Now the data is accurate and used to assess everyone's conviction, so it has an immediate effect.

3. ERP operation


After a large amount of work in the early stage, the basic data import, confirmation of data integrity, drawing import, process planning, configuration of A/C sets, operation users, user rights allocation, etc. were completed;

The new ERP system has been officially launched since February 10, 2017; the new system has gradually stabilized. After this period, the new system project team and the Haotai project team have overcome various problems and tackled the needs of each post, various departments, and the personnel of the factory. Adjustment, optimization and optimization of new system function equipment process, the problem has been gradually reduced; sales orders, molds, scheduling, order expedited, pre-process, post-process, racking and receiving, label printing, finished product in and out, purchase and storage can basically Normal operation; the output of each department's machine, the condition of the machine, the condition of the mold, the test record, the oxidation, the daily production report, the finished details of the wood grain, the finished product, and the finished goods are all ready for reading. Print to fully meet normal production needs.

Haotai "Aluminum Industry Expert" ERP has been on the line: It has to wait for a dozen or so numbers to be released, and now the mouse can be easily viewed at any time. If there is a flow of staff, the new employee can adapt to the job in two or three days. The output increased by about 10%, the inventory of finished products fell by more than 400 tons, and the amount of scrapped goods decreased by nearly one hundred tons in half a year. There are still many, many aspects of improvement that will not come together. In short, I feel more and more comfortable now, I hope that Haotai has a better version recommended to us.

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