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Seth Aluminium's "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0" ERP Project

Implementation acceptance report

Reporting unit: Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: 2017-09-20

Customer Project Manager, Finance Department, Minister Li

Haotai project manager Tian teacher

1. Project review

Main stage of implementation

The Essex Aluminum Industry "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0" ERP project started from April 24, 2017 and lasted for 5 months. Under the strong support and concern of the leaders of Seth Aluminium and Haotai Software, Seth Under the hard work of the ERP project team and the implementation engineers of the company, the company has completed the phase project tasks such as project start-up, system installation, business research, basic preparation, standard training, program determination, and training switching. Press to finish. The time of each stage is divided as follows:

Project phase time process

Project start 2017.04.24

System installation 2017.04.25

Business Research 2017.04.26--2017.07.26

Basic preparation 2017.04.26--2017.07.26

Standard training 2017.04.26--2017.07.26

The plan is determined 2017.04.26--2017.07.26

Basic import 2017.04.26--2017.07.26

Project handover, data repair, and process grooming 2017.07.27--2016.08.10

Extrusion workshop officially stopped manual 2017.07.10

Finished product storage officially stopped manual 2017.08.24

Surface workshop officially stopped manual 2017.09.01

Adjustment and improvement of receivables and payable functions 2017.09.07--2017.09.13

Sales billing, receivables, and payable officially opened 2017.09.15

2. Overall evaluation of the project

2.1, project implementation difficulties

1, from manual to system, there is no electronic version of the basic data, the basic data is organized for a long time.


2, the basic data is not perfect, and some basic data have problems, resulting in the subsequent process is not smooth. The Sethd operator spent a lot of time with the Haotai implementation engineer to improve the basic information. At the same time, Haotai implementation engineers spent a lot of energy to repair the old data.

3. The computer level of most operators is relatively poor, the training is time consuming, and the system is slow to get started. At the same time, the two factories have increased the difficulty of the system on the line and the difficulty of maintenance.

4. The network in the early stage of the project is not particularly stable, and the server migration west plant and network transformation have certain influence on the system use of operators.

5. There are many surface treatment processes in the company, and the salary statistics program is more personalized, and the secondary development for the Caserde situation is more.

6. The upgrade version of Haotai Software Co., Ltd. is relatively large, and the new middle-tier new program has a certain impact on the system usage of operators. Sethd is the customer with the largest number of modules in the current 10.0 version, and the details are perfect and the workload of data adjustment is relatively large.


2.2. Project implementation results

After 3 months of basic data preparation, training and trial operation, 2 months of system process and formal switchover, although there are many difficulties in the implementation of the project, the understanding of both the company and the Haotai software company Under the joint cooperation, the business operations of the various departments of the company have been basically smooth, and the complete data flow of the enterprise has been realized in the system. The project implementation team of both parties agreed that the system can operate stably, information transmission is timely, and data standardization and business are realized. Process standardization, information sharing and other implementation goals. The specific effects are as follows:

Post-implementation effect


1. The order status table and the extension can reflect the entire progress of the order in detail.

Technical department


1, drawing maintenance

2, profile model maintenance



1. Use the system to place orders and print

2. Tracking orders

3. Notification of delivery

4. Sales price entry and sales billing price accounting


Ministry of Planning

1, system scheduling

2, mold query

3, unordered by machine statistics

4. Unextrusion profiles are counted by surface type and surface method.

5. Design and implementation of order time assessment. (Multiple development adjustments are very time consuming and labor intensive)

6, redesign and development of the extrusion daily report


Extrusion workshop

1. The machine is equipped with a computer, and the squeeze information can be reflected in the system in time. Production statistics are convenient.

2, a box with a pass card, avoid the need to manually write the card after the box, the handwritten content is scribbled, and easy to make mistakes

3, the accompanying card prints the barcode, the next process directly scans the code to make a single


Mold workshop

1. The mold management process is complete, and the data query and drawing query are convenient.

2. The statistical report on the pass rate of the mold test mode was developed separately.

Painting workshop

Oxidation workshop

Machine throwing workshop

Wire drawing workshop

Wood grain workshop

Strip workshop

1. It is more convenient and quick to scan the card, and the error rate of personnel is greatly reduced.

2. Data integrity has been greatly improved.

3. One card embodies the management concept of physical network synchronization and single cargo peers.


Quality inspection department

1. All departments waste, plastic data entry and query is convenient

2. Graphic analysis can visually display the proportion of various reasons for scrapping in order to develop a product quality control plan


Label printing

1. Now print labels in the system, making label printing more convenient and fast, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy.

2. Label content optimization facilitates inventory and check data.


Finished warehouse

1. Scanning code into the warehouse, as well as over-order detection during auditing and convenient ordering, it is also convenient to check whether the wrong item number is entered.

2, production statistics


Aluminum bar

1. Register and query aluminum rod usage information in the system.


Material warehouse

1. The materials warehouses of the East and West Plants are separated to facilitate the inquiry of the respective stocks of the East and West Plants.


Finance department

1. Realized the individualized demand of the output of each department according to the salary plan (mainly processing of large and small materials, processing of statistical categories, processing of packaging categories), avoiding the error of manual statistics, and being able to accurately compare actual production.

2. Receivable and payable module re-architecture

3. Blank management document protection function


Drawing query

1. The layout of the drawing query is large and convenient, and it is convenient to zoom in and out.

2. The new system drawings are saved in the form of a drawing server, which is stable and safe.


System features

1. Extending information is very convenient for all departments to query information.

2, do a single module quick query

3. The detailed list has group summary statistics and cross-summary statistics functions, which can be directly counted in the system, and the statistical method is flexible, which greatly facilitates the work of statisticians.

4, data screening function

5, do a single module to hide the left side of the document list, show the expansion of the main table when expanding, so that the single interface is more spacious

6, the field order supports user customization


2.3, the reason for the success of the project

The success of the implementation project benefits from the following aspects:

1. Both leaders' attention to the project and strong support for the ERP project work, especially the senior leaders of Seth Aluminium attach great importance to and support the ERP project work;

2. The active cooperation and hard work of relevant personnel of various departments of Sesde Aluminum in ERP work;

3. Haotai Software Company's professional implementation consultant team and strong technical support.


3. Continuous support

The implementation and acceptance of the project is only a phased summary. It is an affirmation of the work results of the project implementation team of both parties. The promotion and deepening of ERP is endless. The company will continue to improve and deepen the use of ERP.

The acceptance of the project does not mean the end of the cooperation between the two parties, but marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation between the two parties. Haotai will continue to provide technical support services such as continuous optimization applications for Seth Aluminum. After the system acceptance, it enters the operation and maintenance phase. The implementation personnel and technicians of Haotai Company continue to be responsible for future support and maintenance work according to the contract.


4. Project acceptance

In summary, the project teams of both parties agreed that the implementation of the “Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0” ERP project by Seth Aluminium was effective, effectively promoted the regulation of enterprise management, and will actively promote the comprehensive management level of the enterprise. The far-reaching impact is in line with the basic needs of the management business informationization and integration proposed by Seth Aluminium Co., Ltd., and agreed to accept the software system to be put into normal operation. So far, the large-scale implementation of the project has basically ended, and the project has been approved. .