Guangdong Yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. uses the benefits of aluminum industry ERP



First, the integration of big data information integration

In the manual or semi-manual operation state, the company's information data, the department and the department data can not be connected in isolation, because the isolated side of the information often appears on the same bill multiple times, thus reducing the efficiency of the staff; When you need a certain data, you have to spend a lot of time and energy to find the data to check the data. After the introduction of the aluminum industry expert ERP system, the company's data can be accurately preserved in the unified format and unified standards of the aluminum industry ERP system, and the logistics, capital flow and information flow are highly integrated, thus improving management efficiency and decision-making level. Eliminate information silos, improve communication standards; improve the quality and visibility of information. The aluminum industry ERP system software improves the degree of information exchange and sharing, and achieves the information equivalence as much as possible, so that all aspects of the company's resources are utilized as much as possible. The aluminum industry ERP system software accurately calculates data, statistical query and report analysis in a timely and accurate manner.

Second, lean management, cost savings, and efficiency

The introduction of aluminum industry expert ERP software can effectively control material loss, management synergy cost, product production cost, reduce inventory backlog, and revitalize working capital, thus greatly reducing the operating cost of the enterprise. At the same time, the traditional relatively extensive management is further deepened and leaned, such as reducing invalid operations, optimizing operating procedures, and lean control, so as to obtain the benefits of reducing costs and improving management efficiency and level. Reduce inventory, reduce capital use, increase capital utilization and control operational risks. Instead of manual operation, it can effectively save labor costs; control product production costs, shorten product production cycle; supply customers on time, improve customer satisfaction; reduce stoppages and increase production efficiency.

Third, standardized management mode

The introduction of the aluminum industry ERP system is a revolution in the management model for the traditional manufacturing industry. The ERP system provides enterprises with more than just a set of management ideas, but also a powerful management tool. The aluminum industry ERP system solidifies the enterprise management process and various new management ideas and management methods into the daily business process of the company in a tangible way, thus effectively avoiding the management results of other management transformation methods. Surface appearance and actual application are prone to repeated phenomena. The introduction of the aluminum industry ERP system helps to improve product quality and pass rate.

Fourth, strengthen management's supervision of production

The aluminum industry ERP system provides a highly effective and integrated control method for enterprise management. The effectiveness lies in the various approval and control procedures are based on actual business processing, which can be generated online, submitted online, and online. For the purpose of examination and approval, the object can be easily and comprehensively queried, traced and demonstrated. Integration is the systemization of the entire control system. All control points are closely integrated with the company's overall business process. The control program is an organic whole in the entire management system and is in the company's overall business process. Highly automated, streamlined, standardized business processes, speeds up response, and reduces the risk of running leaks in business processes.

Fifth, standardize the business process

The aluminum industry ERP system highlights the idea of process management. Through the introduction and implementation of the aluminum industry expert ERP system, the company needs to conduct in-depth analysis of the original management process and operation process, and unearth various process defects and potential deficiencies, based on the management thought of the aluminum industry expert ERP to standardize and optimize. The standardization and optimization of the process is an important means for enterprises to improve operational efficiency and benefit from management.

6. Inheritance of corporate knowledge and culture

The aluminum industry expert ERP management theory is the crystallization of the combination of modern advanced manufacturing theory and advanced information technology. The mature aluminum industry ERP system has been verified by many excellent enterprises in the industry. Through the introduction of the excellent aluminum industry ERP system, various advanced manufacturing theory knowledge and practical experience of successful enterprises can be quickly transplanted into the enterprise. Through the introduction of this advanced knowledge and successful experience, the management level and personnel quality of the company are rapidly improved. Enhance corporate cohesion and core competitiveness.