Foshan Xinshao Aluminum uses Haotai "Aluminum Merchants"



I. Introduction:

Since I joined the company, I have been working on developing the software industry based on the sailing platform. Since November 17th, I have been responsible for the development and implementation of the aluminum business version. The following is my summary of the new project. Since the version was launched, it has effectively improved customer inventory confusion, unable to find goods, sales order orders, mistakes in purchasing or ordering, effectively improving employee efficiency, clear quotation, delivery date, etc., so as to be professional, reliable and efficient. .

Second, the project before the development of research:

Before the development of the Xinshao project, there were some researches on the same type of profile trading companies (including Xinshao), and they learned that they currently have several conditions that affect efficiency:

1. Other profile trades in a simple inventory management system that is not used in the industry, or one or more excel tables designed by yourself. The more tedious thing is to find a single stack of paper documents and then logarithm , data range control, ordering, not counting back completely rely on people to use the pen or use the brain to record, this detail is not conducive to the development of the enterprise

2. Xin Shao was using a door and window management software. It is a relatively professional aluminum software. The order is very free and very fast, but the lack of the software is also reflected:

A. The customer can easily enter the wrong order by placing an order, and filling in one of the parameters leads to the purchase of the wrong profile.

B. Profiles that have been purchased or processed outside, can not accurately know the number of returns, resulting in the need to purchase by the human brain or homemade excel to record, the error may be very high, and it is easy to cause the situation of the warehouse or lack of material

C. After the customer places an order, the inventory is not clearly defined, and it is easy to deliver the goods promised to the A customer to the B customer. If the care is not clear, the customer's delivery time is not clear, resulting in customer complaints.

D. When purchasing or issuing an external order, the corresponding unit price or calculated amount cannot be recorded in time, but when the supplier delivers the product, the supplier enters the system at the pricing price, and does not have the cost control certificate. Ministry's cost control is passive

E. The correct location and location capacity of each profile are not clear, and there are often cases where salespeople rush to the warehouse to find materials.


So when I design the system, I have to set a few effects to achieve.

1. To accurately place an order and reduce the situation of the wrong order

2. The sales order, purchase order and outsourcing order must be automatically calculated to calculate the unit price, and the control right is firmly controlled in the factory.

3. The number of stocks should be clear. The parts are already set by the customers. Those are the temporary spare stocks that have not been returned for purchase or processing. According to this, it is convenient to purchase and sell, so that the purchase can really reach the stock according to the stock. You can know the number of profiles and the number of parts that need to be purchased at present, and the sales can accurately answer the customer's delivery time.

4. System platform upgrade, the original aluminum merchant version process is not clear, the process is complex, and it is based on the previous platform to build, easy to pop up error, unstable, since designing a professional industry software, of course, draw a good process, both To be comprehensive, it must be simple and easy to understand.

*Software simple process

1. Basic information (clear role, let users see the name to know his role)

2. Profile invoicing management (focus on the import, sales and storage of profiles, at a glance)

3. Outsourcing processing management (outside and processing management)

4.Accessory management (focus on the control of the import, sale and storage of accessories)

5. Receivable management (all customers' bills can be easily transferred, easy to reconcile)

6. Coping with management (all suppliers' accounts are mastered by one hand, the cost itself is understood in real time, and the control is implemented)

7. Cashier management (built-in fund account management, real-time control of the capital chain)

Fourth, module optimization

Sales order

Add the automatic calculation unit price function, according to the customer contract, can quickly report the unit price and estimated total price, and can prompt according to the situation


2. Purchase order

Use the latest upper and lower forms of the sailing platform to display the stocks that are missing in real time, and provide recommended purchases according to the profiles, so you can easily purchase orders with a single click.


3. Profile inventory

Use the data drill-through report function, click the corresponding profile, and the right-hand schedule accurately displays the unsold purchase order, the foreign-issued order, and the sales order that the customer did not pick up the goods.

4. Sales out of the library
Directly push data according to sales orders, or directly select the spare quantity of inventory for direct sales, multiple sales methods coexist, maximizing the difficulty of making orders

Fifth, the implementation of the line

At the time of implementation, some people did not cooperate very well, because they were accustomed to the previous system process, unwilling to accept, and did not want to spend time learning new things, but with the cooperation of project leaders and factory executives, finally let the system Run it up, now they place orders, greatly reducing the wrong sales orders and resulting in procurement errors, and when purchasing, you do not have to turn over records or excessive search for a variety of records to complete the procurement work, inventory is not allowed The situation is also greatly reduced.

Six, before and after implementation

In this project, although it is very hard, but the most important thing is to let me get a lot of valuable experience, such as design, because many are new ideas, and some of those ideas are currently not realized, or fundamentally The above is wrong, because some of the industry has to know in depth to know, often find problems in the design, and then find the relevant personnel to understand the cause and effect, and then find the optimal solution to the problem and so on.