Yatai Plastic Aluminum successfully launched "Aluminum Industry Expert" 10.0



Yatai Plastic Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd.

Our factory has six extruders. Before using the aluminum industry experts, our monthly output is about 1200 tons, and the inventory is about 400 tons. After using the same production line after the aluminum industry experts, it now has a monthly output of more than 1,600 tons and an inventory of about 200 tons. Funding pressure has been reduced by more than three million. Our company used to be scrapped for about fifty or sixty tons a year due to wrong production and wrong color. Since the use of aluminum experts 10.0, the new year has been scrapped less than ten tons for this reason. The annual savings are about 150,000.

Now, with the aluminum industry expert system, the whole plant data is timely and the production progress is shared instantly, which greatly reduces the communication cost (time) of the employees. Now the feeling is that the sooner the aluminum industry expert ERP is used, the sooner it takes the first place in the fierce competition. machine. Relative to the cost of purchasing software, it will be saved in half a year. The era of intelligence is to replace the former big knife spear with a foreign gun!

Production vice president


Yatai implementation summary

1. Changes in the factory before and after implementation. 1. Before the implementation, the inventory in the factory is not clear, the physical location is inconsistent, and there are often physical objects in the warehouse, but the production is not known. It is found that there is still the production. After the implementation, the physical inventory and the number of the system are counted through the system inventory. Now, the system inventory is basically consistent with the physical, reducing inventory pressure.

Second, changes in the work of factory employees before and after implementation. 1. Before the implementation, the sales staff did not know the progress of the workshop, and the order to go to the workshop to find the material to know whether the order was done or not. Before the delivery is ready, the specific progress will be obtained through the regular meeting, and then the expedited, resulting in no shortening of the production cycle. After the "Aluminum Industry Expert" 10.0 system is launched, the merchandiser can track the number of orders and the number of scraps through the system's production status table and order status table. You don't have to wait until the meeting to know the order details, if the customer calls You can also respond to the order immediately. 2. Before the implementation, the arranger spends a lot of time each morning to calculate the output of the previous day, and arrange the day's scheduling. A slight oversight will result in multiple rows, fewer rows, and fewer rows. After the “Aluminum Industry Expert” 10.0 system was put on the line and the production was scheduled, the new production mode reduced the cumbersome and repeated calculations of the arranger. It only needs to check whether the actual output of the workshop and the system output are consistent, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Leave more time for the processing of expedited orders and special orders. 3. Before the implementation, the workshop should hand in a large number of handwritten output reports to the statistics every day. Now the daily output can be seen at a glance, and the production report can be generated with one click.

Third, I learned the experience and experience before and after implementation. 1. Before implementing Yatai, I only implemented a small factory with incomplete process. I experienced the complete aluminum production process implementation of Yatai, which gave me a deeper understanding of the production of aluminum. At the same time, the Thai side's problems were fed back to the company, and more solutions proposed by the company were accumulated. 2. In the implementation of Yatai, because of the major improvements in the standard version, through the release of the script and discussion in the group, I learned a lot of system configuration methods, also combined with the actual situation of Yatai. It is also used to learn.

Fourth, the implementation process is more unforgettable. The first problem encountered was the initial stage of Yatai's launch, because the number of points required to ensure the accuracy of each link, but the workshop proposed some small materials, not good points, one hundred at a time, and later asked other implementers and Mr. Li suggested that they should be placed according to the regulations when they are framed, so that it is convenient to count the points after the installation, and the fixed number of each line is better. Although the program has not been implemented for various reasons, but if there are other factories telling me that the small materials are not good enough, I can at least give them different options. Our professionalism.

Haotai implementation consultant Yang Gong