Xinhe Aluminum Industry Application Haotai "Aluminum Industry Expert"



Since 2006, Xinhe Aluminum has been using the ERP management software of our company's boxer product “Aluminum Industry Expert” for enterprise management. As the company continues to grow and develop, the software system functions must be more and more detailed and fit all aspects of the enterprise. For more than 10 years, Haotai has been escorting our aluminum products in software, so that our company can concentrate on business operations, and the better the better, the more and more management of the company is more and more worry-free.

Talking about the Application of ERP in Xinhe Aluminum Industry Emerging Company

We all know that ERP is one of the most effective means of modern enterprise management. ERP can realize the integration of resources, information and functions, processes and enterprise services, and can infinitely exert the integration of internal resources of enterprises. It plays an important role in improving the economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

Since its inception, Xinhe Aluminum Emerging Company has introduced the product “Aluminum Industry Expert 9.0”, which is focused on aluminum ERP R&D for many years, hereinafter referred to as aluminum ERP. The ERP is also widely used in the Foshan plant area and is immediately available. In the emerging, aluminum ERP based on the original functions of the company's operating process to continuously improve and optimize, and the new high-tech automated production line system, automated three-dimensional storage warehouse docking, the current aluminum ERP is like a powerful robot, Intelligently, the entire process can run steadily from production to delivery.

The following is an example to discuss the improvements and effects of Xinhe Aluminum Emerging Companies in the application of aluminum ERP:

1.1. Data docking with the original automatic oxidation electrophoresis production line system imported from South Korea: We have set up a docking solution with the aluminum ERP through two months of communication with Korean engineers. Now the oxidized on-board personnel can quickly transfer the documents and transmit the data to the vertical auto-oxidation electrophoresis production line system without any errors.

2.2. Data docking with the automated three-dimensional storage warehouse system: Through the communication and docking with the Beijing high-tech engineers, the automatic warehouse model is added by increasing the automatic water flow mode of the frame number while keeping the original aluminum ERP fast scanning storage mode unchanged. The system can accurately extract the order information corresponding to the finished product in the frame by scanning the frame number, and return the location information to the aluminum ERP. This docking can meet the real-time tracking of the products by the warehouse personnel, and can also satisfy the loading vehicle. The first time is accurately located to the corresponding location area of the product to be shipped for shipment.

3.3. In order to improve the work efficiency of the packaging workshop staff and reduce the packaging error rate, a packaging guide program has been developed, and the corresponding module is updated in the aluminum ERP. The employee only needs to inquire through the order number, and the aluminum ERP system is packaged according to the order. It can intelligently calculate and select the required information for packaging products such as packaging paper categories, specifications, colors, etc.

4.4. In order to solve the effect of repeated sub-frames on production efficiency in the post-process, the company's leaders have formulated a plan for sub-frames of the pre-processes and post-process lines. The aluminum ERP has been added to the relevant production modules according to the proposed sub-frame plan. The process production line prompts that the pre-process employees can quickly load the materials according to the post-process production line in the aluminum ERP production guide, which not only improves the efficiency of the sub-frame, but also avoids the material flow to the post-process. Repeat the work of the box.

5.5. Data docking with the mold vertical automatic storage bin system (WMS), through docking with the mold stereo warehouse programmer's solution; let ERP dynamic transmission update the basic data of the mold to WMS, this function allows us mold clerk without adding any The workload can make the mold WMS get the latest basic data of the mold; in the ERP extrusion guide, the instruction is sent directly to the WMS for mold delivery, and the WMS dynamic transmission frame number to the ERP, not only the mold manager saves the time of modeling, Moreover, it increases the maneuverability of the mold manager and provides guarantee for the extrusion efficiency of the next process; the docking of the ERP and the mold WMS completely changes the traditional mold storage mode and maximizes the efficient operation of the mold; Knowing each other, that is, independent and inseparable, each of them has made great contributions to improving production efficiency.

In this increasingly competitive society, the survival and development of enterprises must constantly innovate technology and upgrade brands, and all of this is closely related to the management of enterprises. We believe that the application of ERP technology plays an important role in the development of our new future. I believe that as long as we continue to innovate in management and technology, we will become the flagship of the industry and sail.

Information Center: Manager Chen