Happy news! Our company successfully signed the "Aluminum Industry Expert V10.0" with Kaihong Aluminum



Changzhou Kaihong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

It is a medium-sized industrial enterprise specializing in the production and operation of various aluminum alloy profiles. The company has formed a modern production, processing and operation pattern of integration of science, industry and trade, production, supply and sales. All the company's equipment has the international advanced level in the 21st century, and the production process is domestically leading. It has a production line with high output, high efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The company has won the trust of customers with its exquisite technology, exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality, supporting industrial chain and excellent service.


In the communication with Kaihong Aluminum, we learned that they mainly value the advantages of the system:


1. Haotai Technology has been focusing on the development and implementation of aluminum software for more than ten years and is already very familiar with the aluminum industry. In 2017, a big and big coffee joined Haotai, which made us even more powerful. Former Guangya Aluminum, Li Chengjiang, the vice president of production with more than 20 years of production management experience, joined the company to guide us to apply the latest self-developed sailing platform (modular development, stable and fast, strong expansion), and develop an epoch-making Aluminum industry expert 10.0.

2. Scanning the code to increase the accuracy of the data, and some of the module workshop production workers can operate, which can reduce the training cost of the special order staff and new employees. The production of a card (accompaniment card) bar code management system invented by Li Zong in 2014 in Guangya began to be more perfect in the aluminum industry expert 10.0 this year. Although many friends have carried out the effect of Dong Shi, but did not learn our essence, but also did not achieve the synchronization of the physical network, single cargo peers, accurate data, simple operation.


3. Report Center, enhanced data analysis capabilities. Extrusion daily report, production daily report analysis of output and yield.

4. The aluminum industry expert 10.0 system process is compatible with a variety of different production situations, and the system flow can be adjusted for the research results without changing the background code to make it more suitable for actual production management.


5. Aluminium Expert 9.0 and other aluminum software are easy to record and query from manual to computer, representing the past. Aluminium industry expert 10.0 has joined Li's management experience for more than 20 years, and management advice from customers such as Xinhe Weiye Huachang. Aluminium industry expert 10.0 can now support the seamless docking of automation equipment such as extruder, floor scale and mold warehouse, automatically collect data, and guide the production after big data analysis. It is a monument and represents the future.

6. We have optimized the module design for industrial material manufacturers, including process standard setting, process tracking of production process, inspection test sheet, and process tips for profile aging.

With the joint efforts of all employees, Haotai Technology will fight more and more in the fierce market competition, and fly higher and higher!


Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

December 19, 2018