Weiye Aluminum Plant and Haotai Want to Build First-class Enterprises in China



Recently, Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Plant Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Plant, Jiangsu Junhua Aluminum Plant (hereinafter referred to as "Weiye Aluminum Plant") formally signed a contract with Haotai Company to fully implement the overall management solutions of aluminium industry expert V7.0 extrusion management, surface treatment management and so on, and build the basic platform of group information management. One step to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise management. The successful signing of a well-known aluminium factory also proves once again the high adaptability of the expert management system of aluminium industry in the aluminium processing industry.

In the past few years, Weiye Aluminum Factory passed by Haotai and finally signed a contract with a well-known software company in Guangzhou. After several years of practice, Weiye Aluminum Factory has personally realized that: ERP implementers do not understand the operation of the Aluminum Plant, and software product development starts from 0. In this case, it is very difficult to really embark on ERP. Finally, the senior leaders of Weiye Aluminum Plant realized that professional software companies must be helped in order to take the path of ERP in Aluminum Plant.

At the beginning of 2007, Weiye decided to use the most modern information system to arm enterprises and comprehensively improve the overall management level. After more than half a year of selection, in many software suppliers, the final margin of Haotai. Weiye Aluminum Works believes that the expert management system of the aluminum industry can put forward and implement the overall solution of the aluminum processing enterprises, which involves "data information decision control assessment", according to the actual situation of the aluminum processing enterprises. It can not only meet the management needs of "low cost high efficiency", but also help the enterprises to put forward all-round solutions. Improve management competitiveness. This time, Weiye Aluminum Factory has expanded its scale and handed over two aluminium factories affiliated to Jiangsu Province to Haotai Company, fully believing in the professionalism and reliability of Haotai Company.

Haotai is confident to help Weiye Aluminum Plant to continuously improve its industrial structure and occupy the highest technological level by using information technology to create an international first-class national aluminium processing enterprise!

Believe in Haotai and Aluminum Experts!