A screaming mode of thinking



1. There is an old man who loves quiet, but there are often children playing nearby and making a terrible noise. So he called the children together and said, "I'm very cold. Thank you for making it more lively. After that, each of you hair three candies." The children are very happy and play every day. A few days later, each person gave only two, and then one, and finally No. The children were angry and said, "Never come here again to make you happy." The old man was quiet.

[Enlightenment] Nothing is impossible without grasping the weakness of human nature.

2. Two horses and one truck. A horse walks fast and a horse slows down. So the owner moved all the goods in the back to the front. The horse behind laughed, "Cut! The harder you work, the more you suffer!" Who knows the owner later thought: Since a horse can pull a car, why keep two? Finally, the lazy horse was slaughtered and eaten. This is the lazy horse effect in economics.

[Inspiration] If you make your boss feel that you're already dispensable, you're on the verge of leaving.

3. There are two noodle stalls in the night market. The booth is adjacent and the seats are the same. A year later, A made money to buy a house, B was still unable to buy a house. Why? Originally, the business of booth B is good, but the noodles just cooked are very hot, and customers need 15 minutes to eat a bowl. In booth A, the cooked noodles are soaked in ice water for 30 seconds before being served to customers. The temperature is just right.

[Enlightenment] Save time for customers so that money can come in faster.

4. Mandela was confined for 27 years and abused. When he became president, he invited three guards who had abused him. When Mandela stood up to pay respectful tribute to the guards, there was silence in the room and even in the whole world. He said: When I walked out of the cell and across the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave behind my grief and resentment, I would still be in prison.

To forgive others is to sublimate ourselves.

5. Someone asked the farmer, "Have you planted wheat yet?" Farmer: No, I'm afraid it won't rain. Then the man asked, "Did you grow cotton?" Farmer: No, I'm afraid the insects ate cotton. Then the man asked, "What did you grow?" Farmer: Nothing. I want to make sure it's safe.

It is natural for a man who is unwilling to give and take risks to achieve nothing.

6. In a small town, a businessman opened a gas station. Business was very good. The second one came, opened a restaurant, and the third one opened a supermarket. This area soon became prosperous. Another town, a businessman opened a gas station business is particularly good, the second came, opened a second gas station, the third, the fourth vicious competition is not fun for everyone.

[Enlightenment] If you blindly follow the path of others, you will surely block your own path.

7. A crow met a pigeon on the way home. The pigeon asked: Where are you going to fly? The crow said, "Actually, I don't want to go, but everybody dislikes my barking, so I want to leave." The pigeon told the crow: Don't waste your energy! If you don't change your voice, flying anywhere won't be popular.

If you want everything to be better, start by changing yourself.

8. There are three sons in a family. They live in endless quarrels between their parents when they are young. Their mothers are often bruised all over. The old man thought: Mom is so pathetic! I'm going to be nice to my wife in the future. Second thought: Marriage is too boring, I must not marry when I grow up! The third thought: Originally, the husband can beat his wife like this!

[Enlightenment] Even if the environment is the same, different ways of thinking will affect different life.

9. Wild boars and horses eat grass together. Wild boars often spoil, either trampling on grass or stirring up water. The horse was very angry and wanted to get revenge, so he went to ask the hunter for help. The Hunter said that unless the horse was bridled, he would ride. The horse took revenge and agreed to the hunter's request. The Hunter mounted the horse and defeated the wild boar. Then he took the horse back and tied it to the trough. The horse lost its original freedom.

[Inspiration] If you can't tolerate others, you will bring misfortune to yourself.

10. People can only run about 10 kilometers by bicycle with their feet pressed hard for an hour; people can run 100 kilometers by car with one foot on the throttle in an hour; people can run 300 kilometers by high-speed railway with their eyes closed for an hour; people can run 1000 kilometers by plane with delicious food in an hour.

The same effort, different platforms and carriers will lead to different results.