Small Household E-Commerce Shows My Haotai Style



Haotai in the process of vigor, maturity and steady progress has been reported frequently recently. Following the "Foshan Consumer Satisfaction Unit Title" issued by Foshan Consumption and Consumption Committee and the two great news of the company's relocation, due to the excellent performance of company E manager in the application of enterprise standardized information management production practice, China Small Home Commerce Business Network Especially wrote the article "A Good Manager of Enterprise - E Manager of Haotai", which praised our company's products.

The flood of good news also conveys us the message that Haotai is successful and will develop this success by leaps and bounds.

"The era of knowledge-based economy, the era of scientific and technological innovation, the era of information technology, the era of management winning.... The advantages of ERP system in enterprises have become more and more obvious. Foshan Nanhai Haotai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is such an excellent ERP solution provider. Its "E Manager Management System" developed by professional R&D team is being recognized and used by more and more enterprises, and gradually applied to household appliances manufacturing enterprises and trading enterprises. -- "Good Housekeeper of Enterprise - E Manager of Haotai"

Several IT figures, but also look at my Haotai technology!

Who has mastered the essence of the information age? Who has grasped the trend of IT world? Who follows the needs of the vast majority of customers?

As the third largest small and medium-sized enterprise management software company in China, Haotai Technology Co., Ltd. pays equal attention to "two upper ends" in the "Smile Curve" model of software industry, that is, the most potential product model and service model. Product research and development, independent innovation is the source of value chain, but also the most difficult to solve, the most opportunities and challenges. Haotai Technologies likes opportunities and challenges. It insists on R&D of software products with independent copyright. At the same time, its service scale is growing.

Haotai Science and Technology conforms to the three main trends of the global software industry, namely, the trend of industry chain, network, service and personalization.

With the maturity of business-based software platform and the increasing number of channel partners, a new and harmonious software ecological chain will emerge. When this harmonious industrial chain is really perfect, it is also the time when Haotai science and technology takes off. Haotai Science and Technology Co-ordinates the overall situation, and is actively seeking provincial and municipal agents from major cities throughout the country, so that the industrial chain can be quickly established, and the service can be localized and high-quality.

Let all Chinese enterprises use personalized ERP; let all Chinese enterprises improve their management innovation ability; let all Chinese enterprises fully display their management personality! Our core business is "to create close-fitting enterprise management software for enterprises with advanced technology, mature management ideas and professional talents." Each of our ERP solutions is tailor-made for customers. In view of the problems existing in customer companies, we have experienced "rapid problem analysis, implementation solution formulation, project preparation, business research, application plan formulation, system training for all users, overall testing and final checking to ensure the Department" The operation is normal.

According to a series of data from customer feedback in enterprise optimal management (such as improving inventory accuracy of materials in warehouse to more than 98%, accelerating inventory turnover to more than 50%, reducing production and manufacturing costs to more than 12%, improving management efficiency to more than 40%) shows that customers are satisfied.

In the vast IT industry, we are positioned to be advanced, we are positioned to be excellent, we have lofty aspirations, we have come out of their own wonderful!