Jin Haotai ERP and China Electric Machinery Manufacturing giant successfully signed a contract



Recently, good news came from Jinhaotai ERP, which successfully signed Dongchang Motor Group (hereinafter referred to as "Dongchang Motor"), a well-known enterprise in Guangdong Province. In this cooperation, Jinhaotai ERP will be first applied to logistics and capital flow management by Dongchang Electric Machinery. It will set up a basic working platform and information sharing platform to provide real-time data for enterprise management, assist decision-making and guide enterprise operation.

Dongchang Electric Machinery Manufacturing Factory is a Hong Kong-funded manufacturing enterprise invested by Hong Kong Shicheng International Development Co., Ltd. It mainly produces AC, series motor, induction motor, DC motor, cover pole motor and other series of fractional horsepower motors. The products are widely used in shredders, juicers, vacuum cleaners and other office automation equipment, household appliances, fitness equipment and automotive accessories. The company is committed to continuously improving productivity, sustaining technological innovation, and contributing to society by industry.

Dongchang Electric Machinery was founded in 1996, Dongchang people with their wisdom and sweat, through several years of efforts, has now developed into a leader in the industry. The company covers an area of 40,000 square meters, the building area of the plant is 22,000 square meters, and there are hundreds of professionals and technicians. The company is praised by international and domestic customers for its high quality products, punctual delivery and high quality service, and maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers.

Dongchang Motor passed the ISO 9001 Quality System International Certification and UL Insulation System Certification issued by SGS in June 2000, which laid a new milestone for the company's overall standardized operation. In recent years, the company has also won the honors of "China's Famous and Excellent Products" issued by China Famous and Famous Brand Product Promotion Center and "Quality Supervision and Testing Qualified Products" issued by China Institute of Technology Supervision and Information.

As a domestic motor manufacturing giant, Dongchang Motor has strong technical force and advanced production and testing equipment. It has the strength to produce all kinds of high-quality motors and enjoys a high reputation among its peers. Dongchang Electric Machinery has a long way to informatization, but in the process of application of informatization, logistics and capital flow are disjointed, and the phenomenon of information island is widespread in enterprises, which seriously affects the overall operation efficiency of enterprises.

In the process of contacting with Jinhaotai ERP, Dongchang Electric Machinery is very much in agreement with the integrated solution of Jinhaotai ERP facing manufacturing industry. With its successful accumulation in manufacturing industry for many years, Jinhaotai ERP eventually made Dongchang Motor choose Jinhaotai ERP as its partner. After the ERP system is put on line, Dongchang Electric Machinery will realize the comprehensive integration of logistics and capital flow, thus greatly improving the level of enterprise management, enhancing the efficiency of enterprise management, and achieving the goal of improving the core competitiveness of the company and escorting the development strategy of the enterprise.