Hengchang Chooses Auto Parts Beauty Chain King



Foshan Hengchang Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengchang Company) is a company focusing on automobile maintenance, automobile beauty, automobile parts sales. Since its inception, Foshan Hengchang Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. has been based on the automobile industry with the purpose of people-oriented, honest and credible. Mainly provide a variety of brand names, various models of car maintenance, beauty, accessories sales and other services. There are three branches in Foshan, Guilan, Yuefeng and Haiwu. They have a sales network all over Dafoshan.

Hengchang company pays attention to help enterprises strengthen internal management by means of information technology very early. They used E manager management system provided by Haotai company at the earliest time. However, the system is a single single-store application system, which can not be effectively integrated, resulting in the failure of data interchange, affecting the business operation of enterprises and becoming a company. The bottleneck of business development aggravates the inspection burden of supervisors, and the security of data can not be well solved.

Hengchang company chose Haotai auto parts beauty chain king, based on the Internet version of SQL database, the system has the characteristics of security, confidentiality, reliability, compatibility and scalability. Starting from chain management, the system realizes the process management of finance, distribution, purchasing, inventory, distribution and allocation, as well as many related business management such as retail, commodity and price management. It also has powerful analysis and accounting functions. It can realize the consolidation and management of enterprise's financial, business and budget data. Overall capital operation, inventory and accounts receivable can be monitored and managed at any time, which reduces costs and improves operation speed.

The main modules in the system include: purchasing, sales, inventory, receivables, payables, costs, services, reports, etc.

Hengchang company and Haotai company have allocated personnel separately and jointly set up project implementation team. Now they have completed system installation, customization modification, personnel training and other work, and adopted a scientific and standardized implementation system to maximize the potential of auto parts beauty chain king in Hengchang company.