Haotai 52nd Aluminum Industry Management Newspaper - Aluminum Industry Management Preferred Reading!



Aluminum Industry Management Newspaper is a management newspaper founded by Haotai Science and Technology after years of industry experience accumulation, adhering to the principle of sharing win-win situation. Up to now, Aluminum Industry Management Newspaper has made its own characteristics, which is distributed free to all aluminium enterprises throughout the country. Its content is professional, industry-oriented, targeted and accessible. Reading, interesting, interactive and so on are reflected.

Newspapers are currently divided into four major sections:

The first edition is mainly about aluminum industry information. This edition mainly reflects domestic news, enterprise news, market research, aluminium technology, policies and regulations and other information about the aluminium industry.

The second edition is management thought. This section should put forward some bottlenecks of aluminium enterprises, introduce the idea of improvement, put forward scientific and reasonable management thought, and arouse readers'sympathy and thinking.

The third edition is mainly for experts to guide, explore some management countermeasures, will also introduce the management ideas and experience of "Aluminum Industry Experts" to help enterprises explore the road to success.

The fourth edition is Haotai Garden, which inspires management ideas by employee's voice, implementation experience, report and technical conception, so that more people can bring their strengths into full play and contribute their personal experience.

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