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Product positioning: Manager E has both industrial and commercial versions. The commercial edition is mainly for the purchase, sale and storage management of small shops, while the industrial edition is mainly for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.
Scope of application: discrete manufacturing (SMEs)

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1. Powerful custom settings, information search and help functions enable you to get the latest information about the system in the first time.

2. Supporting multiple windows to be used at the same time, it can switch flexibly in various work.

3. Provide 13 management tools including purchase, sale and storage, receivables and payables, planned production, cost accounting, wage calculation, service management, business analysis, etc. to meet the various needs of enterprise operation.

4. Each part of the system is equipped with the corresponding business flow chart, through which users can easily understand the process of the system and use it quickly.

5. Provide up to 80 statistical reports with different functions. Diversified reports will provide necessary help for your statistical decision-making work.

6. Break through the boundaries of information interchange within the enterprise and grasp the information needed in real time to help you communicate more efficiently.

Product positioning: Manager E has both industrial and commercial versions. The commercial edition is mainly for the purchase, sale and storage management of small shops, while the industrial edition is mainly for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

Scope of application: discrete manufacturing (SMEs)

Input of basic information

Purchasing Management: Purchasing Demand Planning - Purchasing Storage - Inventory - Purchasing Return

Sales Management: Contract Maintenance - Quotation List - Sales Order - Stock List - Sales Output - Sales Packaging - Inventory - Return

Warehouse Management: Purchasing Input - Production Input - Purchasing Return - Warehouse Initialization - Warehouse Allocation - Warehouse Adjustment - Warehouse Inventory - Sales Output - Sales Return - Production Receipt Output - Reporting Damage Output - Warehouse Monthly Closing

Planning Management: Sales Order - Sales Plan - Material Requirement Analysis - Purchasing Requirement Plan - Production Requirement Plan - Outsourcing Requirement Plan - Production Requirement Plan - Production Requirement Plan - Outsourcing Plan - Outsourcing Plan.

Production Management: Production Consumption - Production Consumption Outlet Bill - Inventory Material - Production Return - Production Input - Production Rework - Production Order - Production Process Tracking

1. Robust system architecture:
Haotai E manager is developed on the basis of advanced client/server (C/S) architecture and supported by large relational database SQL SERVER2000, which completely solves the problems of security and reliability that have troubled the enterprise informatization work for a long time. The performance is more stable, and the data exchange speed is faster and more accurate.

2. Clear business processes:
Each part of the system is equipped with the corresponding business flow chart, through which users can easily understand the system process and use it quickly.

3. Simple Forms of Formulation:
Supporting a variety of billing methods, other documents can be issued directly. For example, after receiving the customer's order, the user only needs to issue a sales order, and can directly handle production, stock, sales and other business according to the order, without duplicating the corresponding documents by hand, which greatly saves the time of billing.

4. Strong secondary development functions:
Each customer has different formats of documents and reports according to their own situation. The secondary development function provided by E manager enables users to design the formats of documents and reports individually according to their own needs, so that users can have a real management system of their own.

5. Diversified reporting systems:
Haotai E Manager provides more than 70 reports including purchase, sales, receivables, payables, planned production and cost accounting, which can help you deal with daily business and help you make business decisions.

6.The strict authority control function:
It can control the functions allowed by each user after login to E manager, including the privileges of issuing, modifying, deleting, approving, anti-approving, printing and checking amount of various documents, so as to avoid the management loopholes caused by inadequate control of privileges.

7. Perfect implementation team:
Haotai Technologies Co., Ltd. has a special implementation staff for every customer who purchases E manager's products. It is responsible for training the personnel used and assisting customers in business restructuring. It is our goal to serve every customer well.

I. Basic Introduction of Enterprises

Jinchen Stainless Steel Products Factory in Chancheng District of Foshan City is located in Jili Industrial Park, a high-tech development zone of Foshan City. It is a large modern enterprise specializing in producing stainless steel profiles. With excellent quality and reasonable price, it has won praise from many domestic users. Its products have also been exported to Vietnam, Philippines and other countries and regions, and established a long-term supply and cooperation relationship with international traders. The company pays attention to updating and upgrading of production equipment and modern precision pipe-making technology, which fully guarantees the quality of products. The products have the following characteristics: fine technology, good bending, good gloss, durability, stable quality and so on. Product categories include: stainless steel tube, square tube, rectangular tube, embossed tube, ribbed tube, etc. In the fierce market competition, quality and reputation are always regarded as the life of enterprises. Jinchen Stainless Steel continuously strengthens and improves its brand marketing network and after-sales service system. Now it has established a direct marketing model in major and medium-sized cities throughout the country, and formed a strong brand of Jinchen.

II. Problems in Enterprises

1. In this industry, the quality of products needs to be tracked, often from finished products to semi-finished products, suppliers and so on. Therefore, the management of inventory and current account is particularly important. The complete set is conveyed by hand, and the information source is not timely.

2. Sales and sales of enterprises have their own characteristics. In the operation of the whole business, manual accounting or office software is usually used to calculate. A lot of work brings tremendous pressure to salesmen.

3. The person in charge of the enterprise can't know the storage of the warehouse in time, which leads to the failure to link the order with the production. The production is often delayed and causes certain losses to the enterprise.


1. In the phase of project investigation, we should have a detailed understanding of the whole business process of the enterprise and determine the implementation plan.

2. Make application plan and implementation phase, update E manager management system according to the specific requirements of enterprises, cooperate with the needs of enterprises, help enterprises reduce workload and improve production efficiency.

3. Training and testing, all users are trained by the practitioners of Haotai Company according to the application scheme determined in the earlier stage, and the business process demonstration is made. Then, the actual operation of the users ensures that all users can meet the proficiency required in the earlier stage.

4. Overall testing and operation. Here, with manual accounting, the enterprise actively cooperates with various departments to run the overall process and check the accuracy of the data.

IV. Benefits Achieved

1. The Sales Department draws out the warehouse receipt in time and reduces the workload by 30%.

2. The factory director can keep abreast of the inventory information and adjust the production plan in time.

3. Through the new sales order arrears summary table, production can be carried out on time, according to quality and quantity, without delay or omission of shipment, which brings better economic benefits to enterprises.

4. Analysis of the Reasons for Successful Implementation

We believe there are several reasons for the success of the project:

1. Leaders should attach great importance to our requests and cooperate actively from personnel to material.

2. Operators'cooperation, although computer knowledge is not very rich, but the enthusiasm for learning is strong, full of confidence in our software.

3. Haotai company has carried out overall project implementation planning with scientific implementation methods, and maintained moderate adjustment flexibility in the process of implementation, so as to strictly control the risk of project implementation, determine the project to go online in stages, and ensure the success of project implementation.