Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan Haotai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and was established in 2003. For more than ten years, the company has been focusing on the development and implementation of ERP software in the related industries of aluminium profiles, providing enterprise management solutions. From the first five enthusiastic and innovative team members, to today's more than 30 large-scale software development team. Fist product "Aluminum Industry Expert" has been the leader of ERP in aluminum industry from 1.0 to 10.0. Relevant products such as "Aluminum Merchants", "Aluminum Plate Experts", "Mold Experts", "Doors and Windows Experts" have been deeply loved by customers. Our customers are all over the country: Guangdong Xinhe (Luocun Xinhe, Yaoyingshan, Xinxinhe), Guangdong Weiye (Dali Weiye, Jiangsu Weiye), Jiangsu Huachang, Guangya, Guangcheng, Xingda, Southern, Yinghui, Asian Federation (China Federation), Xingjin Ran Aluminum (Hengwei Mold Factory), Zhengyu Aluminum, Shenda Aluminum, East China. Dongguan Lianhua Aluminum Industry, Runhua Aluminum Industry, Hunan Zhensheng Aluminum Industry, Haida Aluminum Industry, Yinge Aluminum Industry, Jiangxi Jinxinfa, South Asia Aluminum Industry, Jinpeng Aluminum Industry, Jiangsu Haitianyi Zheng Aluminum Industry, Yuetai Aluminum Industry, Anhui Shengda, Hongyu, Shanghai Zhedong Aluminum Industry, Said Aluminum Industry, Guangdong Sanying Aluminum Industry, Jiangsu Fengyuan Aluminum Industry; Mold Factory, Guangzhou Junhao Door and Window Factory, etc.

For more than ten years, we have been pursuing continuous improvement of products, continuous optimization of programs, and continuous accumulation of talents. With the production management experts in large-scale aluminium enterprises, information management experts have the same aspirations and values. In 2017, we came together, combined with the excellent automation machinery manufacturers in the industry, pledged to make every effort to improve the automation production of information management in the entire aluminium industry, in order to provide the best management in the industry. Intelligent informationization scheme of management scheme has continuously developed the most advanced ERP, which contributes to the management improvement of China's aluminum profile industry.

The former vice president of production and head of Information Department of Guangya Aluminum Group joined the company one after another, and the company's management team and technical team were further expanded. With the joint efforts of them and the company's development team, the company has launched a new framework, a new model, a new process of leading product "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0".

Today's "Expert of Aluminum Industry 10.0" redesigns the personnel organization structure of standard aluminium material factory. The definition of workshop Department determines the personnel responsibility by the personnel structure, the system authority by the personnel responsibility, and the system authority changes correspondingly after the staff transfer. The profile model data, surface color and color category were redesigned. The process route was determined by the color category and the production sequence was determined by the process route. Docking with electronic weighing, automatic packaging machine and automatic weighing equipment of Mayabao Aluminum Industry, real-time mechanical automatic input data to the system. Oxygen line, automatic three-dimensional warehouse (Xinhe, Weiye), automatic mould warehouse docking (Xinxinhe). Aluminum production management card

(After extrusion, a bar code accompanying card is printed, and the whole process is scanned to the end. Guangya Li is the first to improve it). Now it has full PDA input support. Support mobile phone inquiry order progress, mold, inventory, drawings. And it can be classified by the financial personnel as the surface color type in the basic data, so as to plan ahead for the consistency of cost accounting. The automatic accounting and valuation can be realized by setting the valuation formula. After the redesign of the mould management, the operation of the mould feeding and receiving can be simpler and rationalized, the record and reminder of nitriding can be supported, the record and reminder of the mould fee can be recorded and reminded, and the qualified rate of the machine can be achieved.

Initiate the data push mode of production process. The system automatically pushes the data to the next process according to the production process route and the work completed in the previous step. The software interface of the next process automatically generates data and changes the passive production mode to the active production mode.

In the future, it can also collect large data with extruder, bar furnace, die furnace and aging furnace, record and analyze furnace temperature, extrusion speed, pressure, die temperature and aging temperature, and intelligently improve production process parameters and yield.

Haotai "Starting Platform" is a large software development platform developed by all Haotai development engineers. It has been three years since 2015. It no longer needs to write programs for business processes and add software functions. It is equivalent to the automatic pipeline of software business development, which greatly improves the speed, quality and stability of software development. Since 2017, it has been shining brightly.

Many new technologies in the core of Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0 system based on Haotai "Starting Platform" make your Aluminum Industry Expert ERP more reliable, stronger and more responsive, and lay a foundation for future innovations. It also optimizes your usual functions and many operations. All of this has made "Aluminum Industry Expert" a new peak.

With the "Starting Platform", the industry's elite management personnel, and excellent aluminum production and management solutions, we pursue continuous progress and surpass, to provide better management software and solutions for the aluminum industry.