Design and R&D team: Excellent talents from various institutions of higher learning, engaged in research and development of aluminum industry experts in Haotai for more than 10 years. General Li, former deputy vice president of Guangya Aluminum Material Production (now Haotai Partner, General Software Process Design Worker) did software business process design, and Gan Gong, former manager of Guangya Information Department (now Haotai Partner, Development Head) did database and software development control management. Major and old customers participate in R&D improvement and suggestions: General Cao, Yechang, Manager Yang of IT Department of Xinhe Aluminum Industry; Weiye Yunjie, Xuchang and Huige of IT Department; General Chen of Huachangwu and IT Department of Jiangsu Province; Manager Yonglong Zhou and Yonglong Peng (formerly Jianmei Aluminum Industry); General Wang of Jiangxi Aluminum Industry, General Manager Qinglingbin of IT Department (formerly Southern Aluminum Industry); Aluminum, General Manager of Statistics Department. They all contribute to the progress of the aluminium industry expert 10.0. Only now can they become the first choice of the industry plan in China and the most managerial idea of the aluminium production management ERP-aluminium industry expert 10.0.

The company has more than 30 members, including 12 members of development team, 15 members of product testing, implementation team and customer service team. Is the industry's largest and highest quality software company.