1. Project Planning
Before the project investigation, a series of preparatory work, including the formation of project team members, the establishment of project management mechanism and system, the determination of implementation strategies and plans, project initiation and publicity, lay a good foundation for the formal start of the next phase of the investigation.

2. Blueprint Design
The main tasks of the project include concept training, system operation environment planning and deployment, product installation and training, business research, basic static data preparation, business solution design, customized development needs and design, program verification and evaluation, etc. Lay the foundation.

3. System Construction
According to the determined implementation plan, the main tasks include business authority planning and allocation, business static data preparation, customized development confirmation, program training, end-user training, simulation drill, etc. to prepare for system switching online.

4. On-line switching
A series of preparatory work and online switching before online, the main tasks of system switching scheme, system operation system formulation and release, system online environment establishment, system switching check, dynamic data import, etc., entered the operation support stage.

5. Continuous support

After the online switchover is completed, the system starts to run and continues to support. The main tasks include: operation support, project closure and summary, internal service handover and so on.