Aluminum industry mobile phone version


It is used to provide customers, salespersons, merchandisers, etc. to check the progress of orders. It can be queried by customer, date and status. The results of the query show the weight of the order, the progress of the project, the rate of the package, etc. Click on the corresponding order to view the details of the order.

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Cockpit: Management, salesmen and customers have corresponding cockpit panels. Log in to app and get the target data of their respective concerns. Click through to see the detailed data analysis.

Order function: I want to place orders, regular orders, shopping carts, product albums, order inquiries, my orders, anti-counterfeiting inquiries, my complaints, my return application, convenient for salesmen, customers to underground orders at any time, check the progress of orders, quality complaints, save a lot of telephone communication process, improve the efficiency of the work of the merchant.

Spot Mall: Share the spot/retained stock in the factory to the customers, facilitate the purchase of customers in need, and digest the retained stock.

For more information, please scan the 2-D code installation and then register for the administrator role experience.

More functions are being developed, please look forward to it.

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