Foshan Hetao Aluminum Industry "Aluminum Industry Experts" 10.0 Successfully launched



Project implementation effect:
After more than a month of system operation, the business operation of each department in Foshan Heqiang Aluminum Industry is basically smooth, the system can run steadily, information transmission is timely, and the implementation objectives of data standardization, business process standardization and information sharing are achieved. The results after implementation are as follows:

Sales and Production

1. After the sales documents are entered, the orders of our factory can be viewed directly through the system, and the orders need not be distributed to the relevant departments before going online.

2. Sales orders can be placed on the basis of customer historical documents.

3. Multi-shift production scheduling is realized. The system can automatically distribute the production scheduling data to the machine according to the specified production date. At the same time, the system reflects the shortage of production immediately, eliminating the need for scheduling staff to reduce orders manually according to machine handwritten documents before going online, thus reducing the intensity and time of scheduling staff.

4. The expanded information of production plan and production schedule can directly reflect the specific situation of the mould and the inventory of the order. It avoids the need to inquire the mould room and warehouse staff about the mould or inventory information when on-line production, and improves the work efficiency.

Extrusion workshop

1. The machine prints the traveling card to avoid the error rate of handwritten registration data and improve the accuracy of the data.

2. By configuring computers on the machine, the production information, the production requirements of various profiles and the urgent situation issued by the production department can be reflected to the machine in real time, which greatly improves the efficiency of information transmission and makes the monitor of the machine more accurately adjust the production requirements of the production department.

3. The system integrates the function of viewing profile drawings. Now the monitor of the computer desk can find profile drawings conveniently and quickly.

Mould Workshop

1. Mould management modules are easy to make orders and inquire. Mould inventory can more clearly reflect the current situation of the mould.

2. Avoid the inconvenience of query when using Excel to record data. Now the mould situation and report forms are reflected in the system.

Packaging and finished warehouse

1. Scanning is convenient and fast, avoiding mistakes in handwritten forms and greatly improving efficiency.

2. Following cards follow the same trade of material box and single cargo. The inventory of finished products can directly reflect the current inventory situation of our factory and greatly improve the integrity of data.

Drawing inquiry

1. Drawing data is now stored in the server. As long as the system is opened, the drawings can be viewed normally, avoiding the instability of querying the drawings by sharing.

Report forms and data queries

1. Extending the information function can easily obtain various orders or production information.

2. Each detailed report has the functions of collecting statistics, cross-statistics and chart analysis. It can directly collect relevant data in the system, and managers and statisticians can easily obtain the key data of the factory's production.

3. The daily extrusion report clearly reflects the daily output of the machine.

4. Operators add, modify, delete documents in the system have log records.

Continuous support:

Acceptance and acceptance of project implementation is only a stage summary, which affirms the work results of project personnel of both sides.

Project acceptance does not mean the end of cooperation between the two sides, but marks the beginning of a new stage of cooperation between the two sides. Haotai Technologies will continue to provide technical support services such as continuous optimization and application for your company. After the acceptance of the system, it has entered the stage of operation and maintenance. The implementers and technicians of Haotai Science and Technology Company will continue to be responsible for the support and maintenance work in the future according to the contract stipulations.

Project Leader: Secret Worker

Date: 2018.4.28