Shandong Anbangde on-line "Aluminum Industry Experts" 10.0



Changes in factories before and after implementation

Shandong Anbangde Aluminum Material Co., Ltd. decided to introduce ERP system management before its formal production. So from the very beginning, the ERP system of "Aluminum Industry Expert" has been integrated into the blood of Anbangde's corporate culture, playing a role in silence all the time, just as experienced industry experts in various positions are guiding new employees. Every post has managers to improve the assessment of enterprise personnel. It is believed that after a long time, "Aluminum Experts" system will become the culture of the enterprise.

Before implementation

After implementation


Paper Bookbook

Computer Network Electronization

Sales order

Contact the technical department to confirm the model and calculate the weight manually

Quick order, clear relationship between profiles (between main material and sub-material), automatic unit price calculation of weight, adhesive tape weight and amount

Sales excutive

Contact the production department to get the report forms and find materials on the spot in the workshop.

Production process, production situation at a glance

Planned production

Look at the profile drawings, determine the size of the material, confirm the exclusion of the machine, arrange the appropriate machine.

Automatically arrange to the appropriate tonnage machine, confirm the machine crew

Extrusion production

Paper Scheduling Documents, Handwritten Daily Report

Real-time change, subtraction, timely grasp of mold situation, automatic statistics of machine output


Paper entry and exit documents, other people's inventory checking difficulties

Electronic Inventory View at any time, Real-time access to warehouse data


Depending on other departments to deliver documents

Real-time view of other departments'original documents receivable and payable at any time

2. Changes in Personnel Relations in Factories before and after Implementation

Shandong Anbangde Aluminum Material Co., Ltd. continuously has new employees in the process of using the ERP system of "Aluminum Industry Expert". Under the circumstances that the old employees lead the new employees to the entrance, a happy and harmonious relationship between the master and the apprentice has been formed. Interdepartmental exchanges and cooperation, although there should be a lot of friction between the transfer of communication is not smooth, but clear up the responsibility attribution of the people will become a city, make one move.

3. Experience and insights learned before and after implementation

Benefits: The benefits of implementing the newly established new factory are that there are not too many production and management habits for enterprise personnel and enterprises. Everything should start from the beginning. There are not too many operational habits and management needs. They can understand each other and have a strong ability to accept things. So the implementation of ERP is very fast, which will make the "Aluminum Industry Experts" produce benefits in enterprise production very quickly. This is also their leadership's foresight, proactive, to minimize the impact of personnel changes on enterprises, and to minimize the time for new colleagues to work in normal production. Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that people lack relevant industry knowledge of their own work. They have to spend a lot of effort in explaining some functions. Moreover, they can not say a clear business process context in the previous research, so that we can turn the production knowledge that we should consult them into training them. Thanks to our deep industry accumulation, I also earnestly studied the company's documentation, software processes and implemented several projects of aluminium plants. They can also popularize some basic knowledge of aluminium production.

4, unforgettable events in the process of implementation

Working with Ann Bond's staff to discuss and solve problems, each problem solved, every time we go through a process, there is a sense of achievement, the short-term development of the enterprise and the rapid mobilization of personnel have produced a far-reaching impact on production also gave me a deep impression. Fortunately, "Aluminum Experts" a comprehensive system to play a role, is also the greatest stability achieved in the turbulence, now watching the factory day by day into the right track, increasing production, there is a sense of pride in mind.

Cai Gong, Implementing Personnel of Haotai