Junfu Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0-Group Version Solution



"Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0-Group Version" is the latest platform product developed by Haotai Technology Co., Ltd. The product adopts a new sailing platform architecture. After more than six years of research and development and improvement, the platform architecture has matured and successfully used in the aluminum industry expert 10.0-group. "Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0-Group Edition" has accumulated a large number of "Aluminum Industry Expert 9.0", "Aluminum Industry Expert 9.5" and other product research and development experience and project implementation experience, to achieve rapid development of the module, greatly shortened the second time The development time can respond to customer needs more quickly and shorten the project's online time. At the same time, the fields, functions and reports can be better customized for the real version.

"Aluminum Industry Expert 10.0-Group Edition" is a large-scale ERP group management system, which includes group management, sales management, production management, warehouse management, BI report management, etc., which are connected in series to realize systematic management of the entire group and multiple departments. Among them, the group management and BI report main service decision-making leaders will analyze the sales management, production management and warehouse management through data, and provide decision-making basis for the group leaders. Sales management mainly serves various sales companies, providing the most direct operating platform for the daily work of the sales company. Production management serves each production plant and provides real-time feedback on production. Warehouse management services each warehouse, through barcode management to achieve fast and accurate warehousing and outbound work, providing a strong guarantee for the authenticity of inventory data.


Order quantity statistics

Software process:

special function:

Group management

According to the organizational structure of the Group's industry, it will quickly build a professional information system for each of its subordinate industries to achieve rapid development of various industries and the purpose of the Group's overall management;

According to the group information level management, fine management is achieved through careful permission setting.

Improve business processing efficiency

The information on the available inventory, the production capacity of the workshop, etc. when the order is received is reflected in real time, and the quick order is realized.

After the order is received, the production process tracking is meticulous and clear, and the business is in control of the production progress.

Inventory and historical stock

Independent inventory management, to achieve aluminum rod production and sales invoicing system.

Complete historical inventory tracking to view inventory data at any time.

Successful case:

Foshan Junfu Xinye Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

Foshan Junfu Xinye Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production and processing of aluminum profiles. It is located in Foshan, the largest aluminum alloy production and sales center in China with the largest industrial chain and the most complete industrial chain. The company has strong technical force and has a domestic advanced aluminum profile production line, from melting and casting - mold opening - extrusion - surface treatment - molding - oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying - packaging one-stop service. Products include all kinds of industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum profiles for doors and windows, aluminum profiles, radiators, aluminum profile frames, decorative lighting light boxes aluminum, electronic exterior shell aluminum, kitchen cabinet furniture partition aluminum, shower aluminum, poster advertising Photographic aluminum, aluminum display, automatic shade aluminum, etc.