Prospects of Energy-saving and Heat-insulating Profiles



The industry prospect of heat insulation profile series. The material (heat insulation is 1250 times higher than that of aluminium profile) separates and tightly connects the two layers of aluminium alloy inside and outside to form a new type of heat insulation aluminium profile. With this profile as door and window, its heat insulation and plastic (steel) window are in the same grade-national standard level, which completely solves the problem of fast heat conduction and non-conformity of aluminium alloy. At the same time, some new structural forms are adopted to solve the old problem of "poor sealing of aluminium alloy push-pull windows". The product is made of aluminium on both sides, and plastic profile cavity is used as heat-breaking material in the middle. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of plastic and aluminium alloy materials, and meets the requirements of decorative effect, strength and aging resistance of doors and windows. Super broken bridge aluminium-plastic profiles can realize three-way sealing structure of doors and windows, rationally separate water vapor chambers, successfully achieve air-water isobaric balance, and significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows. The air tightness of this kind of window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, which can ensure that indoor window sills and floors are dust-free in windy and sandy areas, and that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway are not disturbed by noise, and its performance is close to that of flat windows.

This kind of window combines the advantages of aluminum and plastic windows, removes their respective shortcomings, and becomes an ideal choice for users. At present, the price of this kind of window is about 400-580 yuan per square meter. Although it is slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum and plastic push-pull windows on the market, the comprehensive use effect of this kind of window is much better than that of the ordinary aluminum and plastic composite windows, and even better than the double-layer aluminum push-pull windows. It has a high cost performance ratio. In this sense, more than 30 yuan is more expensive than that of the double-layer aluminum push-pull windows. It is worthwhile, and the use of this window can save heating and air-conditioning electricity costs up to 50%, 3 years of energy-saving costs can make up for the previous investment.

Performance and advantages:

1. Good thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of plastics in aluminium-plastic composite profiles is low, and the thermal insulation effect is 1250 times better than that of aluminium profiles.

2. Good sound insulation: the structure is carefully designed, the seams are tight, and the test results are 30 dB sound insulation, which accords with the relevant.

3. Shock resistance: Because the exterior surface of aluminium-plastic composite profiles is aluminium alloy, it is more impact-resistant than plastic-steel window profiles.

4. Good air tightness: Aluminum-plastic composite window seams are equipped with multi-channel sealing strips or tapes, the air tightness is first class.

5. Good water tightness: doors and windows are designed with rain-proof structure, which completely isolates rainwater from the outside.

6. Good fire resistance: Aluminum alloy is a metal material and does not burn.

7. Good anti-theft performance: Aluminum-plastic composite window, with excellent hardware fittings and high-grade decorative locks, make the thieves helpless

8. Maintenance-free: Aluminum-plastic composite profiles are not easily eroded by acid and alkali, will not turn yellow and fade, hardly need maintenance.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows of insulated bridges are widely used in new buildings in winter alpine areas such as Northeast, Northwest and North China because of their good thermal insulation and insulation performance. In 2000, some construction projects in Beijing began to install and use heat-insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as "Jianwaiha!" and "Sunshine 100" projects. In recent two years, the market share of heat-insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows in Beijing has increased year by year. According to statistics, as far as the current commercial housing projects in Beijing are concerned, the actual installation utilization rate of insulated aluminium doors and windows has approached 46%, while in the housing construction projects within Beijing's Fifth Ring Road, this figure has exceeded 70%.

Energy-saving is now a very common term, in many places and industries will have the use of the term energy-saving. Energy saving and emission reduction is a very good concept of life, to develop energy saving and emission reduction habits, our life will become more beautiful. Energy-saving lamps are the most common energy-saving electronic products in everybody's life. The use of energy-saving lamps has a long history, so there are many types of energy-saving lamps and various derivatives.

The following edition will introduce to you the specifications of energy-saving lamp holders.

What are the specifications of common energy-saving lamp holders?

Chen Hong, general manager of Shanghai Innovation and Energy Conservation Promotion Center, said that the purpose of the series of activities is to learn energy-saving technology of star hotels, tap potential opportunities in energy conservation and promote energy-saving technological innovative products by a large margin, so as to make the whole industry and even the whole industry. All the people joined in the ranks of energy saving. Chen Zhenqian, former deputy director of the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Department of Shanghai Economic and Social Commission, said that people and the government are paying more and more attention to energy conservation, and the rapid development of energy-saving industry will be an inevitable trend in the near future.

3. Phosphor selection: energy saving of three basic toners. There are halogen powder and three basic colors in the loop lamp of ceiling lamp. The three basic colors have good color rendering, high luminosity and slow light decay. The halogen powder lamp has poor color rendering, low luminosity and fast light decay. Tri-color energy-saving lamp can save about 80% energy than incandescent lamp and 44% energy than common halogen powder fluorescent lamp.

4. The color temperature should not be too high. Choose your own tricks. Color temperature is the temperature of light source color, which is commonly referred to as "yellow light" and "white light". In the industry, a numerical value is usually used to indicate that yellow light is "below 3300k", white light is "above 5300k", and there is a kind of intermediate color "3300k-5300k".