Talking about Innovative Design Ideas of Aluminum Profiles



First, we need to understand the existing product technology. Existing technologies include product design principles, performance, and related accessories. Doors, windows and curtain walls have their own use performance, but the ways to achieve the use performance are different. We need to understand the current technology, how to achieve performance, master the principles. For example, open mode, there are flat open, upper suspension, lower suspension, middle suspension, translation, etc., using accessories such as hinge, sliding brace, sliding rail, hook, etc. The size data of its cooperation should be clear, and if the data changes, what will be the impact. The installation and use of hardware accessories also determine the performance of doors, windows and curtain walls. Only by mastering the present technology can we develop and innovate it, and the foundation should be solid. 

Secondly, learn from the technology of its related industries and learn its design concepts and ideas. More advanced industry technology will lead the whole society forward. In the past, many patented technologies on spacecraft were transformed into production technologies in society. The principles of technology are interlinked, and innovative ideas can be used for reference. For example, to understand how to solve the airtightness of automobiles and airplanes, and whether it can be applied to the sealing of doors and windows. Nowadays, the society is an innovative society. There are many advanced technologies applied to all walks of life. We should broaden our thinking, widen our learning and open our horizons. A kind of Moreover, it is easier to start with the problems that need to be solved, that is, from the problems around us. In reality, we may encounter problems of one kind or another, or feedback from users, or complaints from users. They will talk about the use of doors and windows, and will put forward their own views, some of which are really impossible to achieve now. But the user's desire is the direction of our efforts, and if we have an idea, we will be motivated. The most common desire is to improve the processing efficiency of doors and windows, easy to use, improve air tightness, thermal insulation performance, etc. Chinese style Chinese style

Finally, we should have the spirit of study. Sometimes we look at the problems on the horse and look at the flowers. Sometimes we look at the root of the problem and see how to understand it. We should foster a work style of focusing on problems, seriously study new technologies, and have a spirit of assiduous research. With the spirit of research, we can carry out experiments repeatedly and tirelessly, find pleasure in constant innovation, and go further on the road of innovation. 

We should strive to innovate, apply new technology to production, improve product performance and improve people's quality of life.